Retro Style Pop Art Collage Ideas

Flamenco Light Sabre Girls

#retrocollage art #flamencopopart #españolflamenco . Photoshop techniques used to create this Vintage look collage art using multiple images, retro flamenco – Spanish collage. Multi-layered collage art creates a pop art style that is becoming popular in 2017 / 2018.

Retro Style Pop Art Collage Ideas Flamenco art, retro flamenco girls

Beach Babe Surfer

Retro Style Pop Art Collage Ideas beach babe surfer, multicolor laser beam eyes collage

Retro Music Collage


Collage art or montage art created  in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements using several methods of cutting and pasting using many of the programs tools, you add each new image to the collage image as a separate layer, cut away the parts of the image that you dont want and keeping the cut away edges clean place the layers in the desired order. This process allows you to manipulate each image individually. When all of your images are assembled in the final image, you can resize or move the layers (the added images).