Social Media Spring is here March 2018 Tips and Ideas

Social Media Spring is here March 2018 Tips and Ideas

Spring starts on the 20th or March, and to get you started with a Spring in your step, here is a small guide to get you started on the right path of a successful social media strategy for your business:

  • Step 1: Set Goals and Objectives.
  • Step 2: Brand Awareness and public relations.
  • Step 3: Research.
  • Step 4: Create Quality Content

Little Spring fact: The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north. This happens on March 19, 20, or 21 every year.

Social media marketing March 2018 looks very different than it did just a few years ago. Like most trends, social media content marketing continues to change trends faster that the Mad March Hare, and that means that to have an effective marketing strategy, you must also keep up with change. What does social media marketing 2018 look like?

Trends: Social Media March, what do you do.

Social Media Videos are here to stay

Social media video is a very important part of any online marketing strategy. Simply put: Videos have higher engagement, more likes, retweets, comments and shares – especially on the social media giants like Facebook & Instagram stories. Videos on social media generate huge numbers of shares topping more than text and images combined. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they see a video and only 10% retain it when they see it in text.

Live streaming video, Instagram Stories are very effective and engage your users popularity. Social media videos, Punch Videos are cost effective, low priced and super efficient In March 2018, start ups and most companies now begin to use and understand the power of live streaming and will will push / punch it through their social media strategies.

Video content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ Linkedin, Youtube, Vero & Snapchat is a great way to increase awareness around your online social marketing content strategy. If you’re promoting exclusive content or a source for general information, your brand has to provide context. Facebook expects to see video content take over text in the future, so get your strategy going now with the help of these articles.


Social Media flyer posters & info graphic design

Social media flyers aim at interested groups connected to a product and involves them through an advertisement. Many customers use social media flyers to connect themselves. To keep up with these changes, classy and professionally designed social media flyers that integrate with important social media platforms.

You’ve heard that images speak 1,000 words, right? Well, on social media sites they speak a million. When you design them with the intention of engaging your followers, you can seriously increase conversions and engagement, and boost your overall brand experience. Visuals in social media branding can play a great part of your companies strategy to gain awareness . The main goal is the have all your social media branding to be consistent across all networks. This helps people immediately connect with your business on whatever social network or app they’re using.

Social Media flyer posters & info graphic design

Social Media Consistency Brand Awareness

Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & LinkedIn help you build your brand. Blog posts, videos and other content to share with your audience sounds simple enough. However, many businesses go into it blindly without creating a strategy or guidelines of what they share on each network., thus your timeline can become filled with a random mix completely different topics. Avoid that mistake by streamlining your efforts.

Choose the correct topics related to your business. For instance, tweet and post media about your business,  workplace culture and customer satisfaction, keep it relative to your companies brand ideas and fundamental interests. Keep the focus on your businesses main areas of expertise,  interests.

It can’t be said enough, that clients want to buy from brands and companies they know. Interacting with consumers through a consistent brand voice. Brand consistency takes you to the next level in marketing.  You’re no longer convincing consumers to stop into your store or buy your product. Your brand is so consistent, so synonymous with your product experience that when a consumer sees your signature brand logo they are already thinking about making their next purchase from you without you even having to ask.

Social Media Consistency Brand Awareness

Making that Social Media Content Quality, personalised and work

Social media marketing March 2018 is always and will always be about Content, wether it be personalised content, User generated content or shared re tweeted content. Target your market and create content based on the buyer’s age, gender, education level, income, likes, location, and so on. When you determine the content you create across each social media platform, the you can give your audience content that offers their specific ideal non influenced content.

What ever social media user wants is high quality, relevant content that draws their attention, makes them think and send the likes through at the right time when the content is delivered. Anyone can create content, but not quality content and as audiences become more inundated, businesses and marketers will have to become more skilled at creating truly valuable content.

For instance with Facebook videos, you have to understand how users will see and interact with your content. For example, some may watch on mobile without sound, while others may never click into the video at all, but just watch as they scroll through the home page timelines, thus you have to produce more engaging and watchable video content.


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